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Pelleto Announces Development of High Energy Pellet Fuel
Pelleto Announces Development of High Energy Pellet Fuel
Recognizing that schools, hospitals, and many commercial businesses are concerned about rising oil prices and their dependence on fossil fuel, Pelletco LLC, a Maine-grown company, has developed an alternative high energy, low moisture patented pellet fuel offering signficant savings over fossil fuels by 50-70%. Pelletco's pellet is made from sustainable, renewable resources from Maine's forests and grasslands and is mixed with a polymer binder, creating 37-percent more energy in a more durable and water-resistant pellet.

Pelletco is creating jobs and keeping dollars local, all actions supporting Pelletco's mission of Making Energy Local. "Together we can support the local economy with renewable, sustainable resources," she said. Tom Wood, senior planner for the Maine Department of Forestry, supports the use of wood products and commented, "It's a renewable, clean, efficient energy source and it gets us off the oil bandwagon.”

Offering its patent under a licensee opportunity, pellet mills can produce higher BTU energy per pound, and save on fuel delivery costs, according to Elizabeth Fossett, Pelletco's business development manager. Pelletco is currently focused on bulk production for commercial and institutional users in Maine and the Northeast, expanding to the residential pellet market later.

Extensive research went into the development of Pelletco's patents, conducted through the University of Maine at Orono and independent, third-party laboratories. Case studies to measure the increased performance of the pellet fuel were conducted at Poland Regional High School and the Mechanic Falls Town Office buildings in Maine. The Poland school, which has a wood chip boiler and uses high moisture green wood chips, is unable to operate on warm days. The blending of Pelletco fuel with the green wood chips allows the school to operate the boiler longer, extending the heating season and saving the school money. "No question that we saved money, and going forward we can make a bigger savings and lengthen the heating season with Pelletco pellets," Tony Bennett, Poland Regional High School's maintenance director, said recently. "We wouldn't be able to do it with just chips; and that's a given."

Pelletco pellet product is "unique in its durability and BTU value," said Kyle Michael, owner of Power & Steam in Vassalboro, ME, an independent consultant hired to design the case study for Pelletco. "High moisture content has the greatest negative effect on boiler efficiency so the ability to mix the high BTU water-resistant Pelletco fuel is critical. We measure operating efficiency and found that Pelletco composite fuel performed consistently better than biomass alone."

Testing of Pelletco pellets conducted in a commercial pellet boiler installed in the Mechanic Falls Town Office building by Northline Energy showed the pellets had improved CO levels. In addition, the higher BTU fuel per pound will save the town in fuel costs and transportation. "We hope that our reliance on foreign oil will be significantly less in future years," John Hawley, Mechanic Falls town manager, commented.

For more information on converting to biomass pellet heating or Pelletco, contact Elizabeth Fossett at or visit

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2012 (Archive on Friday, May 18, 2012)
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