January 20, 2019  
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Maine's biggest city leading the way
Maine's biggest city leading the way
On this snowy day, we’re thinking summer — and in Portland, Maine, it will be a pesticide-free one!

Late last night, Portland City Council unanimously passed one of the nation’s strongest ordinances prohibiting toxic chemical pesticides on all public and private property. Starting this summer, Portland will practice city-wide organic landcare in a huge step forward towards a healthy Maine.

Congratulations to Avery, Maggie, and other members of the Portland Protectors who made it happen!

Toxics Action Center Campaigns has been working with the Portland Protectors for nearly two years to win safeguards against dangerous pesticides throughout the city. Toxic pesticides have been linked to asthma, learning disabilities, birth defects and cancer, and they also threaten our water and the pollinators we need to keep our food system healthy. In the last two decades, Maine has seen a seven-fold increase in lawn-care pesticides.

With this ordinance, the Portland Protectors take a bold step towards reversing this dangerous trend. Thanks to the hard work of grassroots leaders, city councilors voted 9-0 to ban chemical pesticides starting this summer and created an advisory group to educate the city on healthy, organic land use practices.

Last year in neighboring South Portland, we helped community groups like Protect South Portland pass a similar ordinance to ban dangerous pesticides on public and private land. The ground-breaking organic land care ordinance was one of the first of its kind and community leaders hoped that it would kick off a trend in Maine and beyond -- and it did. Portland is now the biggest city in the country to ban the use of toxic pesticides on public AND private lands.

With such dedicated activists working for a pesticide-free Maine, and your support, we know this victory won’t be our last. This is what bottom-up change looks like!

Proud to stand with you,

Sylvia Broude
Executive Director, Toxics Action Center Campaigns

Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2018 (Archive on Thursday, January 25, 2018)
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