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Exclusive: Holly Lusk becomes Paul LePage's main handler
Exclusive: Holly Lusk becomes Paul LePage's main handler
John McGough, Maine Gov. Paul LePage's longtime chief of staff, has stepped down. LePage has appointed Holly Lusk as his chief of staff and legislative director, effective today.

Who is Holly Lusk?

She has a been spinning the revolving doors for years. She worked at the Maine law firm Preti Flaherty, then she worked for the LePage Administration, which is virtually a subsidiary of Preti Flaherty, then in 2015 she went back to Preti Flaherty to be a lobbyist. By November 2017, she was back with LePage as deputy chief of staff and legislative policy director. Now she has her hands into pretty much everything in Maine state government.

Lusk holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in International Relations and French Studies, and a law degree from UMaine. She will have those hands full trying to keep LePage relevant and out of his own way as a volatile lame duck governor.

Lusk was one of two LePage aides who founded his ICE PAC in 2016. She served as treasurer of the political action committee. LePage was listed as a fundraiser. Its stated mission was to support “candidates who are pro-economic growth, and who strive to lower the tax burden on Maine citizens.” Among its early funders were L.L. Bean heir Linda Bean, Oxford Casino investor Gary Bahre, and Paul Fortin, who recently tried and failed to score $1.2 million from the Land for Maine's Future board. The PAC’s first meeting was held at the Blaine House.

However, according to the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics & Election Practices, ICE PAC was dissolved last November. Does that mean Paul LePage and his band of mischief-makers has given up on pushing their extreme anti-government agenda? Not likely. Especially with Holly Lusk at the helm.

Posted on Monday, January 8, 2018 (Archive on Monday, January 29, 2018)
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