January 20, 2019  
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The Mar-a-Lago Loophole?
The Mar-a-Lago Loophole?
Just five days after proposing the largest, most radical expansion of offshore drilling in US history, in which ocean areas throughout the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans, and the Gulf of Mexico would be auctioned off to Big Oil, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke suddenly backtracked and announced that the waters of Florida would be excluded from the Trump administration’s extreme offshore oil plan.

Florida’s coasts “are heavily reliant on tourism” he explained, and he intends to consider “the local and state voice.” Yet more than 14 coastal governors of both parties, and hundreds of cities, towns and business groups have clearly expressed opposition to new drilling off their coasts, to protect multi-billion dollar economies built on tourism, fisheries, and clean coasts.

If protecting coastal communities from toxic oil spills and considering local voices is truly Secretary Zinke’s new criteria (rather than rewarding political allies), the Interior Department has a lot more revising of its drilling plan in its future.

You have until March 9, 2018 to submit public comments to Interior asking the agency to cancel this radical drilling plan and protect all of America’s coasts from oil spills.

Posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 (Archive on Wednesday, January 31, 2018)
Posted by Jym St. Pierre   Contributed by Jym St. Pierre

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