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Maine State House Watch: Payback for Pajak?
Maine State House Watch: Payback for Pajak?
Michael W. Pajak, Sr.
629 Middle Road, Woolwich, Maine 04579 , (207) 807-0994, michaelwpajak@gmail.com

It is rumored that Michael Pajak will be named as Assistant to the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Conservation. Mr. Pajak appears to have no relevant qualifications for this important job within the Paul LePage Administration and his positions on many significant environmental and social issues range from inappropriate to shocking. For instance, based on published statements, Mr. Pajak:

• appears to be getting a reward for his political work on the Beardsley for Governor campaign in 2010: “I honestly believe you...are fully capable of running or being a senior member of a larger campaign. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time together and I consider you a good and trusted friend...” ~ Bill Beardsley (12)

• opposes protection of “large tracts of the real Maine to use as...wilderness" (1)

• is working as Executive Director of Friends of Maine Mountains, which is based in Wilton, Maine, to stop development of wind power projects in inland Maine (2, 3, 4, 5, 13)

• owns and is President of imMEDIAcy, a public relations firm based in Woolwich, Maine, which he has used as a vehicle to work as a consultant on several political campaigns (5, 6)

• is a partner in and President of Trendology Research, a market research company based in Bath, Maine, which publishes industry reports (5)

• was campaign manager for Bill Beardsley during his failed bid in the Republican gubernatorial primary in Maine in 2010 (8)

• was campaign manager for Kevin Scott during his failed bid as an independent gubernatorial candidate in Maine in 2010 (14)

• was campaign manager for Dean Scontras during his failed bid for Congress in 2008 (8)

• worked as a legislative aide in the Maine Senate Republican office in 2005-06 (8)

• worked as a church field coordinator in York County to get out the Christian vote for the Bush re-election campaign in 2004 (8)

• co-founded CatholicMaine in 2010, a website of “news and opinion relevant to living life as a Catholic in a climate that is increasingly hostile to Christian values” (9)

• served as Development Director at Chop Point, a Christian school in Woolwich, Maine, in 2009 (8)

• has reportedly posted (under the pseudonym The Distributist) anti-Islamic statements, such as that a pig’s head thrown into a mosque during prayers was a “Horrible waste of the other white meat” and that it is his “belief that any Muslim that has not yet joined the jihad simply has not been delivered his ultimatum by his Imam to join or die yet” (10, 14)

• has written (under his real name) that “For as long as history can remember, the followers of Muhammad have stamped their feet like spoiled little children throwing a temper tantrum after being denied another piece of candy. Except that after they finish stamping their feet they burn buildings, bomb weddings, and behead any who dare criticize their childish behavior.” (11)

• has reportedly posted (under the pseudonym The Distributist) anti-gay statements, such as that "homosexual behavior is to genetics what islam [sic] is to religion” and that “DHHS is laden with lesbians who have as their mission the dismantling of the traditional family” (14, 15)

• has been called “one of the most hateful persons posting on As Maine Goes,” a “conservative” website (14)

• has been a lobbyist for Maine Oil Dealers Association and Maine Association of Convenience Store Owners (8)

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